In My Backyard: Fracking the Suburbs

I am so excited about the science-meets-art panel we put together on fracking in the suburbs of the Front Range. Join us this Thursday, November 9th at 5:30 in the Gregory Allicar Museum of Art for an enlightening discussion!


Stephanie Malin Department of Sociology

Thomas Borch Department of Soil and Crop Sciences

Jennifer E. Cross Department of Sociology and Institute for the Built Environment


Peter Backlund Associate Director of the School of Global Environmental Sustainability



Remembering the Donkey Gallery

As I was going through flat files trying to make room for some new drawings, I ran across these old Donkey Journals. The Donkey Gallery marks the heyday of art in Albuquerque, at least for me. In an old shop in Barelas, David Leigh, Larry Bob Phillips and Sherlock Terry started something that was magical for its run. Thanks to the innovative art, community building and best openings ever!