Mapping Bodily Connections

A map is an abstraction – a cultural system designed for and designated to geographies and topographies in order to better understand what is too vast to be comprehended through experience alone. It is not until the maps leads us to at a vista, a grotto, or an individual tree that we enter the realm of tactile, sensory awareness – making the abstraction reality.

We see the sun cast its light on the tree, and we grasp why it favors growth in a particular direction. We feel the strong wind blowing off the mesa and we understand why the tree is so twisted and wild. We see a spray painted mark on its trunk and, all the sudden, we are aware of its destiny. It is then we are able to formulate a more complex understanding, fusing the overlays of topography, geography and human penetrations pulled from computers and government files, laid out on paper, and the juniper tree we have been sitting with for twelve hours, diligently drawing. When we pick up our pencil and leave, space has become place. The experience plots its mark upon our bodies and minds. We carry the familiarity of a small portion of the map away with us Ð knowing a little bit more about the world we occupy.

Tahoe Basin Fire Management I and II, 2014
Digital prints of paintings on skin and topographic maps
each print is 96″ x 42.5″
Ancient Juniper Cathedral Peak, 2014
Graphite on paper
44″ x 30″
Ponderosa Pine – Angora Fire, 2014
Graphite rubbing on paper
49″ x 17″
Tahoe Basin Fire Management
What is Lost and What Remains, 2015
Installation Shot – Nevada Museum of Art


Center for Contemporary Art Performance, Santa FE, NM

WAYS OF KNOWING I, Fire Point Timber Sale I, 2005
Digital print of drawing on skin
84″ x 42″



Ways of Knowing
Installation Shot
WAYS OF KNOWING I_Fire Point Timber Sale I, 2005
Digital print of drawing on skin
84′ x 42′
WAYS OF KNOWING II Manti La Sal Spruce Beetle Detection I, 2005
Digital print of drawing on skin
84″ x 42″
Spruce – Cottonwood Canyon, UT, 2005
graphite on paper
17″ x 32″
8 hours drawing
So cold I had to draw in my sleeping bag. This Spruce has the beetle. The weather is its grace.
Ponderosa – Cebolla Canyon, NM, 2003
graphite drawing on vellum over topographic map
69″ x 42″


Juniper – Cedar Mesa, UT, 2012
Graphite drawing on vellum over topographic map
60″ x 40″